Who is jermainesoul?



"Jermainesoul's sound is a combination of elegant melodies laying on a bed of lush, ethereal soundscapes with rich orchestration; driven by hard-hitting basses and complex rhythms." - Buffalo Tide

Conformity has never been a path Jermainesoul wanted to follow. Constantly looking to experiment with different sounds and step out of his sonic comfort zone to try and discover something special and unique.

Influenced by Jazz, Soul, Electronic, IDM, Hip Hop, Rock, Classical, Bird Song, Conversations, Sunsets, Daydreams....everything has the potential to act as an inspirational instrument.

Through his 10 year experience of DJing, live performance and composition, he has had the opportunity to work with some highly respected and talented DJs and producers such as Daedelus, Max Cooper, Message To Bears, Bocca Grande and Catherine AD; and received excellent reviews for his releases and remixes from Mary Ann Hobbs, Tom Robinson, The Needle Drop, XLR8R, The 405 and The Line Of Best Fit.

He is also the composer and keyboardist for the Future Soul project Kinatural, consisting of singer Allysa Rochelle and drummer Cedric 'Metronome' Monzali. Click here to check out their sounds.




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Strange Faces

When my track "Dark Days Turn Bright" was used for the opening scene of Simon Hutchins' short film 'Strange Faces'. 


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No Pain In Pop

I have to give a little shout-out to those fine folks over at The Sound Is Not Asleep PR for digging up all these splendid electronic gems for us, most recently the new NFOP favourite Russell Harmon — and this time we were promised Mount Kimbie, Sepalcure and Flying Lotus to be amongst the influences of their brand new found. I guess they might as well be right: the Leeds-based producer Jermainesoul is a name you all should tap down in your digital notebooks, as we're undoubtedly sure we won't be the first to obsess over these crunchy beats.
- Tonje Thilesen's review of 'It's Time We Part'

line of best fit - SONG OF THE DAY #327

Remember when Sufjan Stevens was going to make an album for every US state? What did he get, like, two done? What a flake.

BLBX, a loose collective of electronic musicians centred around Leeds, have taken on a similar but much more achievable project. They have each written a track inspired by a particular city, with the results released on a series of split singles.

The forthcoming second instalment features ‘Yogyakarta’, a beautiful track by Jermainesoul based on the Indonesian city. It’s a delightful mix of watery, globular synths and de-constructed hip-hop percussion that sits somewhere between Shigeto and Oddisee.

- Josh Hall's review of 'Yogyakarta'


Taken from a forthcoming 12" on London imprint BLBX (out on September 25), "Yogyakarta" is a starry-eyed cut of heavy, beat-driven music from Leeds producer Jermainesoul. The style of the tune floats somewhere between a frantic kind of hip-hop and a strain of UK bass music that isn't quite so worried about the size of its low end. Sounds strange, we know, but something else about "Yogyakarta" also feels just as familiar.
Patric Fallon's review of 'Yogyakarta'

the needle drop

UK producer Jermainesoul has released a 5-track tape, calling it Observatory. The productions featured here provide a lot of atmosphere with spaced out percussion and warm synthesizers fading in and out. The tracks featured here lead my imagination to take think of the emptiness of space and the vastness of it all. This is an effect I have to assume he intended to capture with the title and artwork for the release, if so he has done it exceptionally well.
- Anthony Fantano's review of 'Observatory EP'